We are young people working together to improve the quality of life of Masai children and young people living in extreme poverty in Narok, Kenya. 

Mara Action Aid was originally started in Kenya, when Emma Helgesen Sandvik herself lived there and worked as a volunteer. In a meeting with Paul Otieno, a very skilled and committed man, their work quickly developed into the organization Mara Action Aid.

Here, committed people with different backgrounds work, where everyone shares a commitment and interest in our work!


We work to improve the quality of life of Maasai children and increase their access to resources that give them the freedom to decide over their own future. Our projects will focus on promoting each child's fundamental rights and needs. Many girls often experience not getting the same opportunities, by ensuring access to quality-based learning, we want to promote their position. 

The organization currently owns a plot of land in Narok, Kenya. When all the funds are in place, we will start building and developing a sports and education center that will be rebuilt into a platform that will daily serve local Masai children in the area. 

By lifting children, with their families, out of extreme poverty and into schools, we work to ensure that children living in difficult conditions have the opportunity to decide over their own future. In this way, we can all contribute to taking an important part in the development of society; by investing in their future, we can help young people become a resource for the local area and together we can work to combat the enormous injustice in the world.


Our work is aimed at Masai children living in extreme poverty, where the opportunities are minimal. The Masai people are an indigenous people living in Tanzania and Kenya. The population lives on a traditional way of life and often depend on cattle farming as its essential income. Climate change has led to a shortage of grazing areas that are crucial to maintaining their livelihoods.

In the Masai culture, girls in particular are oppressed and have few rights. In adolescence, girls are often circumcised as part of a transition ritual to adulthood, from which their future is hereafter determined on this basis. The Masai people are an example of a small part of the world's population that is today affected by the global unjust development and climate change that is taking place.

Our mail goal is to give as many children as possible a future through education, with the aim of strengthening, teaching and motivating Maasai children, to learn and develop the knowledge needed for them to be able to take an active part in there cummunitis and to decide over their own future. The main action we want to take is to stand by the Maasai people by giving them the opportunity to speak up about their rights as human beings and as pastrolist. We are currently working on getting the funds that are needed, as Norway is still under lockdown. In the future our goal is to become 100% self-sufficient by growing our own food. Where we will focus on agriculture and permaculture as we also want the children to take an active part in this learning process.


Mara Action Aid is a non-profit organization. The organization was founded by Emma Helgesen Sandvik from Arendal, in collaboration with Paul Nyang´Owo Otieno from Kenya. Our founders were both resident in Kenya before the organization was originally registered in Norway.  Our chairman then bought a land (Acre) in Narok, Kenya which is now handed over as a gift to the organization and will thus always be used for our purpose. 


Mara Action Aid is run by the board and our volunteers.

Management in Norway


Emma Helgesen Sandvik

Founder and leader of Mara action aid.

Age; 22 år, student at Oslo University.


Maren Kløftsrud Jauert

Volunteer leader

Age; 22 år, student at Oslo University.


Kristine Burkovska Jacobsen

Resource responsible

Age; 22 år, student at Oslo University.

Management in Kenya


Paul Nyang Owo Otieno Otieno

Founder of the sport projects and manager.

Age: 37 years. Researcher in sports and peace work at Kenyatta University in Nairobi. Today taking his doctorate for Africa Union.

For more info


Joel Kudate

Local contact staff


Linda Otieno

Teacher and project / sponsor responsible

Secretary and board member of Kenya

Photographer and editor: Qutubkhan Musajee

Contact: qkphotographer@gmail.com

Board in Kenya

Chairman: Emma Helgesen Sandvik

Deputy: Paul Nyang owo otieno

Linda Otieno

Geir Sandvik 

Jon Mbenzwa Iriri

Board in Norway

Chairman: Emma Helgesen Sandvik

Deputy: Paul Nyang owo otieno

Geir Sandvik